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Hiring Procedures


* Candidates apply on-line for a specific job that is posted.

* Personnel Office reviews on-line applications for completeness.  Completed applications are then forwarded to the Interview Team for review.

* Interview Team selects candidates for interviews.

* Personnel Office schedules interviews and notifies selected candidates of any additional information needed.

* After interviews are completed, Interview Team ranks candidates and makes a recommendation to the Superintendent.

* Superintendent makes final decision, offers the position, and submits the final recommendation to the Board of School Trustees for confirmation.

* Once a position has been offered and accepted, Personnel Office emails interviewed applicants notifying them the position has been filled.




Important Changes in Employment Practices Effective July 1, 2009

Sec. 1.5. of IC 20-26-5-10 requires that beginning July 1, 2009, all new employees are subject to an expanded criminal history check. Formerly, a limited criminal history check was all that was required.

"Expanded criminal history check" means a criminal history background check of an individual that includes:

  1. Search of the records maintained by all counties in Indiana in which the individual who is the subject of the background check resided;
  2. Search of the records maintained by all counties or similar governmental units in another state, if the individual who is the subject of the background check resided in another state; and
  3. check of:
    1. sex offender registries in all fifty (50) states; or
    2. the national sex offender registry maintained by the United States Department of Justice

At the time an individual applies for employment, the applicant may be required to answer questions concerning their expanded criminal history check. The failure to honestly answer questions asked under this subsection is grounds for termination of the employee's employment.

The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with obtaining the expanded criminal history check.

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